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The Vento Mips is a high-performance cycling helmet designed with a focus on aerodynamics, ventilation, and safety properties.

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The Vento Mips is a high-performance cycling helmet designed with a focus on aerodynamics, ventilation, and safety properties.

This helmet model offers exceptional aerodynamic performance thanks to the efficient ventilation channels present in the helmet that ensure that fresh air flows around your head and cools you down effectively without hindering performance. In addition, they provide you with optimal ventilation while riding your bike, so you always feel cool and comfortable.

Alongside this, this helmet is equipped with Mips technology, a technology that allows, in the event of an impact, a 10 to 15 mm rotational movement in all directions, reducing the transfer of energy to the cyclist’s brain.

All these features make the Vento Mips the best companion to accompany you on all your rides.

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Satin-Chameleon Metallic Gloss, Gray Metallic Gloss, Red Metallic Gloss



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  • Focus aerodynamics
  • Reduced resistance and noise levels
  • Good ventilation performance – a total of 11 air inlets and 8 air outlets
  • Low friction layer MIPS Evolve
  • EVO MPS adjustment system – flexible 4-point adjustment system
  • V Adjustable side divider
  • 3M rear reflective sticker


Internal Aramid Mesh : This technology dissipates the energy of an impact throughout the helmet, increasing its energy absorption capacity. This structure also helps to hold the helmet together in the event of a collision.

Aerodynamic Performance: The ratio of ventilation to efficient ventilation channels within the helmet allow fresh air to circulate around your head and effectively cool you without hindering your performance.

MIPS Evolve: Rotation management system that can not only reduce the energies transferred to the head during an impact or collision, but also does so with style, comfort, and additional adjustments.


The helmet must be hand cleaned only with water and a soft cloth. The comfort paddings should be removed from the helmet and cleaned using only water and mild soap. Use a soft cloth to dry the paddings before mounting them inside the helmet. After each use, allow the helmet to air dry and then store it in a cool and dry place where it won’t get damaged.


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