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Catlike Yelmo MIPS: Designed for the trails, developed for your safety

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The new Yelmo now takes its performance up a notch with a fresh look. The front visor has been redesigned and now has a cleaner profile, with an improved closing mechanism and the ability to be adjusted to 9 different positions.
The back of the helmet is now completely smooth, maintaining compatibility with goggles.

The Yelmo now uses the lighter and more adjustable MPS EVO fit system and the strap system features the Fidlock mechanism, making it easier to open the helmet while wearing off-road gloves. Ventilation is very important on off-road trails, so the Yelmo has a total of 10 air inlets and 11 outlets that will keep your head cool for longer.

This helmet also allows you to integrate an action camera or flashlight in the upper area, so you can capture your performance or improve your visibility on night rides. Performance is further enhanced by the use of MIPS® technology, which increases safety in the event of accidents and/or impacts.

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USE– MTB/Enduro

MIPS® EVOLVE – Mips Evolve is a safety system that reduces the energy transferred to the head during an impact or accident.

CAMERA OR LIGHT MOUNTING – includes an integrated mounting system for attaching an action camera or a flashlight.

INTERNAL ARAMID NET – The aramid net is the “skeleton” that works to dissipate the energy of an impact throughout the helmet, increasing its energy absorption. This structure also helps keep the helmet together in the event of a collision.

FIDLOCK SYSTEM – Combines magnetic and mechanical fastening in an intuitive and easy-to-use fastening system. so that you can remove the helmet quickly.

VENTILATION – good ventilation performance due to the 11 air inlets and 8 outlets connected to airflow channels.

VDIVISOR – Exclusive divider that keeps the retention straps away from the ears, ensuring maximum comfort while wearing the helmet.

MPS EVO fit system – 4-point flexible fit system

SIZE – MD 360g | 0.79lb

SM 54 – 56 cm | 21.3 – 22.0″
MD 57 – 59 cm | 22.4 – 23.2”
LG 60 – 61 cm | 23.6- 24.0”


Mold construction with 2 load-bearing walls

Removable visor adjustable to 9 different positions

Support for action camera or flashlight

Fidlock magnetic buckle

MPS EVO adjustment system – flexible 4-point adjustment system

MIPS® Evolve Technology

MIPS® Evolve Technology


The helmet should only be cleaned manually with water and a soft cloth. Sponges should be removed from the helmet and cleaned with soap and water. You should use a soft cloth to dry the sponges before placing them inside the helmet. After each use, allow the helmet to air dry and then store it in a cool, dry place where there is no risk of it being damaged.


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